New COVID-19 Protocol for Domaine Chardonnay

Hello all our dear friends
and Domaine Chardonnay family

…We are missing you all terribly!

We are thinking about you and hoping each and everyone of you are doing fine.

Domaine Chardonnay here in Temecula Wine Country is just not the same without all your love and laughter here filling our halls!

As we are all home now living our own virtual reality life, we’d like to give you an update on what is happening here with our Bed & Breakfast and how we are handling it.

Many of you may be wondering how the Corona Virus pandemic is affecting us here at Domaine Chardonnay and if you can still take a break and come out and stay with us. We have already been in touch with some of you, and some of you have already reached out to us, and have been updated for the most part. Now we’d like to reach out to everyone, check in, and say thank you for all your love and concern, patience and for letting us help you the best we can.

The crisis has affected everyone in one way or another, us as well. Being part of the travel, hospitality, service, event and wedding industries, we were hit hard and swift with the reality of the situation at hand. The majority of our March through June bookings were wedding related and, well as you may have heard, all public gatherings of 10 or more have been banned through April 30th, or until further notice. That meant that almost ALL of our reservations for March and April had to sadly postpone their stays, many of the May and June bookings as well, due to the uncertainty of our guests being able to complete their travel and wedding plans. It was a rough week for all for sure! We are, though forever grateful to ALL our guests who booked direct with us, to accept no expiration gift certificates for a future stay, instead of a refund. We are so very thankful for each of you as collectively it made the week endurable for us. Domaine Chardonnay is our home, our life’s accomplishment, our pride and joy… and we want it to be here for you for ALL to enjoy for years to come as your escape from everyday life.

* * * * * *

Mike and I have discussed what is our best course of action with Domaine Chardonnay and how can we better serve our guests during this strange time in history. Its been challenging to figure out what to do, how and when with the circumstances and news changing daily. We want to be appropriate and conservative, and still positive and welcoming. We would like you to know that because of our very unique circumstances and set up here at Domaine Chardonnay, for March and April, we will still accept reservations from guests who need to travel for work, who need to get a break from their current home situations or who are looking for a longer short term rental or extended stay and would like to call Domaine Chardonnay ‘home’ for a little while.

For guests needing longer term stays, we will be offering now through June 30th 25% off our daily room rates for stays 9 days or longer (including 2 weekends), and 40% off our room daily rates for stays of 30 days or longer. In addition, any reservations made for over 30 days are not required to pay the 12% County Occupancy Tax. We only have a few guest suites, as you know, so availability may be limited. You can check our calendar and book your stay by yourself as usual on our “Reservations” page, or call me, Laura, for more information and I can book your special extended stay with our offered discount.

Domaine Chardonnay’s guest suites will remain open to guests under the following circumstances and for the following reasons, with a heightened cleaning protocol. As crazy as this all seems at the moment, we want to put your mind at ease regarding your stay here on our property with this implementation, in case you do have concerns, so you can just relax and be carefree while you are here;

  • Although we will not be hosting any large events until the CDC lifts the restriction, we will still keep, and take, overnight accommodations for our 3 private guest suites at a reduced occupancy rate of 1 reservation per week, per room through end of April, or so on until we deem necessary for our guests’ and our peace of mind and safety.
  • As you know, each of our suites has its own private outdoor entrance, and garden area, and we are on over 5 acres surrounded by another 50 acres of vineyards with no one else around. Plenty of room for the proper ‘social distancing’. Each guest suite is 100% independent.
  • The Suites have no shared interior space and there is no need to come in contact with other people if so chosen.
  • We have the ability of self-check in with keyless entries.
  • For short term stays, breakfast items will already be in your refrigerator upon arrival. For extended stays, breakfast will be prepared and left at your front door stoop by me, and we do not even have to have any contact if you prefer not (I won’t be offended). Breakfast items will be prepackaged or whole for the time being as to minimize potential concerns about contamination.
  • We are a super low density population out here in our part of the neighborhood with a maximum of one dozen people spread out over 50 acres, which is including any guests we might have if all of our Suites are occupied, and this also includes our immediate neighbors in their nearby houses. Our guests are probably safer here than in their own higher density neighborhoods and cities.
  • We have also implemented an even more stricter cleaning protocol (as we were already an obsessively spotless operation) but in addition to the normal routine we are cleaning with 70% – 90% isopropyl alcohol and our guest suites will have at the minimum of 4 days left empty in between other guest check ins and outs for the next month with our heightened attention to keeping our property low occupancy so our clients can be worry free. All towels, linens, bedding and bathrobes are washed twice in very hot water (over 140’) and dried in the dryer on hot. As per the CDC, the virus cannot survive in over 140’ heat, and on soft porous surfaces for more than 24 hours, and hard surfaces for 2-3 days. Our cleaning gals will be wearing gloves and masks just in case. Yes, we have enough toilet paper (LOL), shampoo, soap and hand sanitizer through our organic skincare manufacturer who produces my Just Pure Essentials skincare line.
  • All guest suites are equipped with microwave ovens, sinks, coffee makers, kettles, refrigerators, minibar items, cutlery, dishes and glasses, and icemaker as you know.
  • We are surrounded by 50 acres of grapevines with no occupied housing for you all to take long walks and enjoy the fresh air and Springtime. It is gorgeous out right now! 🙂
  • During this time of restriction for the next few weeks, the local wineries are still open for bottle pick up, some even with free deliveries direct to Domaine Chardonnay, and many of our local restaurants and charcuterie board services also now have curbside pickup and/ or ‘no contact’ home delivery direct to us. The local supermarkets are all still open. For the most part things still operate as usual here on a simpler scale except for no large public gatherings of people for the next few weeks. And of course, we will have plenty of our own private estate wine bottled and ready to drink by the end of April! 😀
  • So feel assured that any guests staying with us will be 100% self-sufficient and able to enjoy a nice relaxing escape from the rest of the urban craziness. Some of you may not have such ideal situations at home living in higher density populations, and Domaine Chardonnay would be an improvement of conditions. We welcome you to come stay with us here at Domaine Chardonnay, a perfect place to self-isolate, social distance, work from home and still enjoy an unforgettable weekend here in wine country.

* And any of our beloved wedding couples out there, who sadly had to cancel or postpone their big wedding plans but were able to obtain their marriage certificate prior to the County closing, are welcome to come here to Domaine Chardonnay for an intimate elopement of 10 people or less, now through June 30th. You can rent the Chapel Suite for the weekend, and host your elopement or virtual wedding in the Chapel Suite’s private backyard with 270′ views overlooking acres of vineyards – for no extra cost. Our gift to you. You can still have a memorable wedding and wedding night, and your bigger day will come again soon where you will be able to celebrate with everyone around you. Love will always endure!

With that, I say thank you to each and every one of you for your continued love and patronage. It means the world to us!!

* * * * *

On the brighter side of things, mother nature continues her annual cycle out here in wine country. All the wonderful Spring rain has left the vineyards and hillsides so green and full of little wildflowers. Our vineyards are waking up now, we already have bud break, and fruit set! Little tiny baby grape bunches can now be seen poking out of the brand new growth. The air is so fresh and it is so peaceful out here. Such a blessing to be here, and be stewards of this land. The vibe is quiet and relaxed, for the most part just locals hanging out on their properties, in their houses or taking walks… and no one is lacking for wine 😉

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, or anything else that I can help you with, or just reach out and say ‘Hi’ and let us know how you are doing.

Wishing you all the good health and happiness in the world, and a big air hug! Praying that you and your family are all well and not too much affected by this crazy moment in time. It shall soon pass~

~ Laura

Laura Stearn & Mike Wieters

Domaine Chardonnay

(951) 383-8989