Gift Certificates

Domaine Chardonnay Gift Certificates can be gifted to anyone you choose!

The recipient of a gift certificate can redeem the face value of the certificate for any reservation, wine or amenity we offer. When you purchase a gift certificate, an email with a decorative certificate will be automatically emailed out to your recipient, and you will get a receipt. When they are ready to book, all they need to do is call us and we will help them make the reservation!

Click the link here below to purchase through our website, or call Domaine Chardonnay (951) 383-8989.


** Join Domaine Chardonnay’s Coop Vine to Wine Club! **

Help Us In Our Farming Efforts with this unique ‘Sponsor-sip’ Opportunity!

Join our exclusive Domaine Chardonnay ‘Vine Club‘ by purchasing a Gift Certificate through the link below for your vine. Each grape vine you wish to sponsor is $195 for a year, and this will help us cover the year’s farming!

Its a unique co-operative club where we all help each other and share in the rewards (wine!) You can sponsor multiple vines, sponsor for just one year, or multiple years.

The reward for you helping us by sponsoring the care of a grape vine for a year here on the property is:

~ 3 bottles of our award winning hand crafted DeCoupage Estate wines; either three bottles of Chardonnay, or substitute one for any of our other estate wines currently available with a similar price. You choose when you come to stay with us, or come pick up. Our wine is made by hand, small batch, limited edition and not sold commercially or found anywhere else!

~ $40 credit towards any over night stay here at Domaine Chardonnay, or use the credit towards having your DeCoupage Estate wines shipped direct to your home.

~ 10% off any future wine purchases for one year from date of subscription purchase.

~ A personalized commemorative metal jewelry tag for your chosen vine with your name and date that will be hung on the vine you’ve sponsored for all to see. You can also dedicate the tag to someone you love, or a beloved pet. Just let us know whose name to put on it. At the end of the year if you would like to keep your tag, just let us know and we will mail your vine tag to you for keepsake (it will have a lovely layer of patina and rust from being out in the vineyard đŸ˜‰

When you click on the link below, type in the “To” box ‘Domaine Chardonnay Vine Club‘ to let us know its a sponsorship towards our Vine Club. In the “From” box type your or your loved one’s or pet’s name that you would like us to engrave on the jewelry tag. <3

Purchase Vine Club Membership Certificates here below: