Domaine Chardonnay’s Vine Club

Join Domaine Chardonnay’s Co-op ‘Vine’ Club!

Help Us In Our Farming Efforts With This Unique Sponsorship Opportunity!

Join our exclusive Domaine Chardonnay ‘Vine Club’ by purchasing a special Vine Club Gift Certificate through the link below.

Each grapevine you wish to sponsor is $195 for a year, and this will help us cover the year’s farming costs for that vine and in return gift you equal the amount of the value. Its a unique co-operative vine club where we all help each other and share in the rewards! You can sponsor multiple vines, sponsor for just one year, or multiple years.

The reward for you helping us farm by sponsoring one of our grapevines for a year is:

~ Two bottles of our double gold award winning estate Chardonnay, DeCoupage. Made with Domaine Chardonnay’s luscious Chardonnay fruit that you help us farm with your sponsorship!

~ A 10% discount to use towards the total of any over night stay/s here at Domaine Chardonnay, any time through out the year! Just call us to book your stay and we will apply your Vine Club discount.

~ When you come here to stay we will personally give you a tour of our vineyards and our private winery and share with you what we have done for the year!

~ We will make a commemorative metal jewelry tag for your chosen grapevine with your name and date. This will be hung on the vine you’ve sponsored for all to see. At the end of the year we will mail your vine tag to you for keepsake! You can also dedicate the tag to someone you love or a cherished pet. Just let us know whose name to put on it.

How to Join:

When you click on the link below, you will be taken to our ‘Purchase a Gift Certificate’ page. Type in the “To” box ‘Domaine Chardonnay Vine Club‘ to let us know its a sponsorship towards our Vine Club. In the “From” box type your or your loved one’s name as you would like us to engrave on the jewelry tag. <3 Then enter your information and the amount of the gift certificate (minimum $195 per vine for 365 days of sponsorship. Multiple vines and years can be purchased, each with the above benefits). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us!

Thank you for all your love and support! It means the world to us here at Domaine Chardonnay!

Click below to purchase:

Baby Chardonnay grapes in the making! 😀