About Temecula

There is so much to do here in Temecula, it is quite a pleasant surprise for new and returning visitors.

With over 45 wineries to visit and many more planned to open in the next few years, Temecula Wine Country has earned its place on the wine trail map as one of our country’s most important ‘AVAs’, or wine areas.

In wine country you can sample wines made from a myriad of sophisticated grape varietals imported from regions like France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal to name a few, as well as our own native grapes. Most people don’t even know that Temecula is actually America’s first ‘wine region’, boasting the very first cultivation of Vitis Vinifera plantings brought over from Europe missionaries. Prior to that, the American Indians in our area had been tending to native Vitis Rupestri grape vines used for its fruit to eat as well as to make fermented beverages.

Wine and sparkling wines are not the only beverages Temecula is famous for. We also have a whole slew of well known breweries in the Old Town area producing some of the country’s finest IPAs.

We also have some really wonderful restaurants with fine food and terrific ambience at many of our wineries as well as in Old Town and throughout Temecula serving everything from breakfast, brunch, lunch to dinner.

Up for a unique experience? Every morning local flight companies in Temecula offer hot air balloon rides over our breathtaking scenery in Wine Country and Lake Skinner. You will see them from up on the air from Domaine Chardonnay every morning around 7:30, and if you happen to be in one, will very likely fly right over us!

Temecula is the perfect weekend getaway for visitors coming from all over Southern California, being centrally located within an hour or two. But we hope you’ll stay more than just 2 or 3 days with us as there is so much to do in town and you still need to save time to RELAX and UNWIND with us and just enjoy our most amazingly peaceful property and views as far as the eyes can see.

View from ‘The Chapel’ backyard at Domaine Chardonnay

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