About Domaine Chardonnay

It starts with a dream… March 2016

33810 Madera de Playa has long been a successful Chardonnay vineyard, one of the oldest in the valley, and was purchased from the original owners by Michael and Laura Wieters in 2016. They had a dream of designing and building their own custom home in the middle of a vineyard, living the good life, being closer to nature, farming their own land, making wine and sharing the experience with others.

Laura and Mike on the newly graded site pad for the house March 2018

A year and a half of designing, six months of obtaining permits, and a little over a year to build Domaine Chardonnay, it was quite a procedure. Every step was fascinating, exciting, inspiring and arduous at the same time. (We’ll put together a complete chronological gallery of photos for you soon!)

The foundation of a very large house poured! June 2018

The design of Domaine Chardonnay is inspired by a small village in the Loire Valley of France complete with a little medieval Chapel, and it fits right in to the middle of our 5 acre Chardonnay vineyard as if it was always there and meant to be.

Domaine Chardonnay under construction September 2018

And now the beautiful dream of Domaine Chardonnay has become a reality, with its posh decor and elegant vineyard living with vineyards as far as the eye can see, clean fresh air and sunshine that warms your soul… Come staycation with us and experience the good life too!

Welcome to Domaine Chardonnay

Domaine Chardonnay from our back vineyard

Overlooking our property of quintessential peace and tranquility
Our beautiful kitchen, finished April 2019

Every room with a view!
Master bedroom finished April 2019…. and the guest suites will be completed for the opening of our airbnb this coming June 1st, 2019
The spectacle we get almost every morning upon waking up at Domaine Chardonnay!
Domaine Chardonnay is a working vineyard, with interesting seasonal activity
A romantic walk through the vineyards… and you can walk your way to a number of wineries near us!
And the dream is now a reality! <3

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