Update on COVID-19 for Domaine Chardonnay

Hello all our dear friends
and Domaine Chardonnay family

We’d like to give you an update on what has been happening here this past year at Domaine Chardonnay...

* * * * * *

It is September 15th, 2022 and the Riverside County Supervisors have rescinded any restrictions on wineries, hotels and restaurants and there are no other restrictions planned for our area.

With this great news, life here has returned to a normal routine, everyone is clamoring for a winecation, and we are now busier than ever and our calendar for the year is filling up fast… so try to book ahead to get the suite and dates you want! :))

Come see our elegant new front landscaping!

Its hard to believe we have been living with our Covid protocols for over two years now! Although actually, Domaine Chardonnay was perfectly designed and built for plenty of private space and social distancing anyways and so making it the absolute PERFECT vacation spot!

We have always been an immaculate operation and property, but we do have a heightened cleaning protocol for all our guest suites now that we will forever implement. We want to put your mind at ease regarding your stay here on our property so you can just relax and be carefree while you are here;

  • As you know, each of our suites has its own private outdoor entrance, and garden area, and we are on over 5 acres surrounded by another 50 acres of vineyards with no one else around. Plenty of room for the proper ‘social distancing’.
  • Each guest suite is 100% independent with self-check in and keyless entries. The Suites have no shared interior space and there is no need to come in contact with other people if so chosen.
  • Breakfast is prepared and left at your front door stoop each morning so you don’t even have to get dressed!
  • We are a super low density population out here in our part of the neighborhood with a maximum of one dozen people spread out over 50 acres, which is including any guests we might have if all of our Suites are occupied, and this also includes our immediate neighbors in their nearby houses. Our guests are likely safer here than in their own higher density neighborhoods and cities.
  • We have also implemented an even more stricter cleaning protocol (as we were already an obsessively spotless operation) but in addition to the normal routine we are cleaning with anti-viral cleansers that kill up to 99.7% germs. All towels, linens, bedding and bathrobes are washed twice in very hot water (over 140’) and dried in the dryer on hot. And yes, we have enough toilet paper (LOL), bulk shampoos and liquid soaps and even hand sanitizer provided in all rooms through our organic skincare manufacturer who produces our private label Just Pure Essentials skincare line.
  • All guest suites are equipped with microwave ovens, sinks, coffee makers, kettles, refrigerators, minibar items, cutlery, dishes and glasses, and ice maker so you have all the comforts of home for dining in if you order food to be delivered to you.
  • We are surrounded by 50 acres of grapevines with no occupied housing for you all to take long hikes and walks and enjoy our fresh country air. It is gorgeous out right now! 🙂
  • The local wineries and their on site restaurants are all seating indoor dining and tastings, as well as outdoor operations, and of course bottle pick up if you prefer, and many of our local restaurants and charcuterie board services also have curbside pickup. For the most part things are operating business as usual again, and wine country is BUSY, so please call ahead to where ever you are wanting to go, and make sure you don’t need reservations. And for those of you who just want peace and quiet in a heavenly wine country setting… just hang out here at Domaine Chardonnay. We offer the option to purchase in room wine service and charcuterie boards for all our overnight guests.

We want you to feel assured that any guests staying with us will be 100% independent and self-sufficient so you will be able to enjoy a nice relaxing escape from the rest of the urban craziness. Domaine Chardonnay is the perfect place to relax and de-compress.

We welcome you to come stay with us here at Domaine Chardonnay, a perfect place to self-isolate, social distance, even work from home and enjoy an unforgettable weekend here in wine country.

With that, I say thank you to each and every one of you for your continued love and patronage. It means the world to us!!

~ Laura

Domaine Chardonnay

(951) 383-8989